Milestone Release 35

Jan 17. 2019

The first Milestone release of 2019 includes:

Sending tags to Mailchimp

As part of our continued improvements to the MailChimp -> BuddyCRM link we have now added the ability to send Tags from BuddyCRM over to your MailChimp lists.
More improvements will continue to be rolled out with our MailChimp link so watch this space.

Report Features

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard on improving our reports suite and we’ve now added the ability to build and run automated scheduled reports.

Not only will these automatically run at any set frequency, you can also have them automatically emailed to you or any of your team in either PDF or Excel format.

If your chosen report isn’t needed as a permanent fixture, we’ve also given you the ability to end the automation after a certain number of reports or after a chosen date.

Improvements to the .csv upload area of BuddyCRM

We’ve also spent time working on speeding up the data upload process so there’s been plenty of improvements to the csv upload area.

You can now upload against any custom fields that you’ve added into BuddyCRM.

You no longer need to validate any entire sheet, a hundred records at a time. You can now validate the entire sheet of data with just one click.

We’ve made mapping fields simpler, allowing you to pre select all fields you wish to upload against.

Apostrophes can now be uploaded into the system.

Account Code Search

You now no longer have to build a PAL search to find account codes within BuddyCRM. Speed up your searches by entering account codes in the main Search Bar to find all matching results.

Below you’ll see a screenshot of the Account Code search in action…as you can see, searching for your all-important account codes are now available in the main search bar, rather than using PAL. Those with databases full of similar company names should find this a major speed up in searching.

Live instant search on account codes with BuddyCRMIf you have any questions about the update or anything else regarding BuddyCRM, please contact the Support Team on 0121 288 0808 or email and we’ll be happy to help.