Milestone Release 40

May 24, 2019

Two factor (2FA) authentication is now LIVE

This is a significant boost to the security of your BuddyCRM data. Ensure access to your information from approved sources by enabling 2FA today.

  • Enable this option in the ‘Security’ tab of the Manager module.
  • This is a great way to keep your Buddy sales team accounts secure.
  • Email and SMS text codes are sent to your team directly, when initially logging into the system.

If you require assistance with 2FA, please call Emily on 0121 288 0808.

Two factor authentication for added security on BuddyCRM

Completed Activity time is now visible on account records

Once an activity is completed, a date and time stamp now shows on the activity itself. This can be reported on too!

Time of completed activity shown on BuddyCRM record


Further Speed Optimisation and various bug fixes have been resolved within this milestone.