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2024 Sales Playbook

Regardless of whether you have kept to your New Year resolutions or not, if there’s one thing you should do this year, it’s this:

Work smarter, not harder.

This year, take advantage of the fantastic tools available to make your business work for you, not you for your business.

Here’s the 2024 Sales Playbook that will have you moving forward:

Chase the big deals ➚

Not the time-consuming small ones that will not impact the bottom line.

Share information ➚

Get the whole team involved in closing deals. Coordinated pitches with shared information across your team significantly increase the chance of success.

Call with a plan

Go beyond the scripted approach, get creative and demonstrate your knowledge of their industry and how you can help them. 

Focus on closing the gap

Stop thinking about why the deal will close and start thinking about why the deal won’t go through. Solve that pain, and you’ll likely find the fit for your product/service to match. 

Close the deal ➚

Ensure every potential deal gets closed and nothing sits idle. 

Put a face to the name

Meet your customer in person and create a real-world relationship. It’s harder to say no to someone once you know them. 

Build and share knowledge on the customer

Learn about the customer from all the sources available to you. Know their business, and then you’ll know their pain points and be able to work out how you can solve them. Plus, in discussions, you’ll come across as knowledgeable and a trusted expert in their field. 

Ensure your paperwork is in place

Quotes, estimates, supporting docs, and presentations should be easily to hand and available to pull-up at short notice. Don’t get caught short when they’re needed most. 

Share best practices ➚

We never stop learning, and your team can learn from your best deals as you can from them. Set up KPIs to measure success and share with the team how you got that big deal over the line. 

Shoot for the moon

As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Have a crack at those HUGE deals that will lift you and your company to the next level. Nobody ever got big without having a go. 

That’s it. That’s your 2024 Sales Playbook. Use a CRM to tie it all together, and you’re set for this year.