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Join in our virtual event sales masterclass

Join in our new virtual event series, designed to help UK businesses conquer COVID and rebuild revenue for 2021.

BuddyCRM’s Conquering COVID – the sales bounce back series will commence on 3rd December 2020 and is free for delegates to attend.

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Never let a good crisis go to waste

A crisis provides opportunities for your sales team and company to address issues with the sales process, failing products, markets and more. Ensuring best practice is followed by the team and investigating untouched markets or selling new products or services may mean finding additional sources of revenue for your company.

The follow-up by BuddyCRM

The Follow-up

Sales people’s tenacity to follow up leads, build trust, and create relationships is the key to success. This follow up process is core to BuddyCRM and will ensure you turn leads into sales.

The Buddy Roundup of the Best Sales Information this Week

Our roundup of the week’s best sales posts – 19 March

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