The CEO Book Club

Reading is key to personal growth, but it is harder to dedicate the time needed in an ever-busier world. In the CEO Book Club, we regularly read a selection of business books and provide an executive summary of the lessons and ideas contained within them. Those nuggets can not only give you some immediate insight but also help you decide if the full book is worth reading and relevant to you.
Sales Techniques: Fanatical Prospecting -blog post graphic

Sales Techniques: Fanatical Prospecting

Fanatical Prospecting has become the default sales book for new entrants to the world of sales. Its key focus is that sales do not come without hard work, and that to be successful, salespeople must constantly keep their pipeline full of leads.

Sales Techniques - SPIN Selling - graphic

Sales Techniques: SPIN Selling

We look at another sales methodology. SPIN selling relies on the salesperson building rapport through a series of questions to discover the customer’s Situation, Problem, Implications, and Needs.