A new more convenient monthly payment scheme

Have you been thinking about the next progression in sales, reporting and marketing efforts but have been hesitant due to significant capital investments required by the CRM industry?

This has now changed.

BuddyCRM is now in a fantastic position to offer its highly consultative personalised offering for a simple monthly charge without compromising on the implementation of a business changing solution. Nothing differs from what we do for all clients – the only thing that changes is more funds are left in your business to further invest in your own future.

So now with one less impediment to creating a superior sales force, there’s even more reason to choose BuddyCRM for your business. Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can help your business with a UK supported CRM system to boost sales and create a winning sales team. We’re looking for like-minded sales teams that want to take full advantage of the latest technology to ensure their success.

Making the next step to success is as simple as giving us a ring on 0121 288 0808.