Milestone Release 44

September 5, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the latest milestone release of BuddyCRM has gone live today. The following items were fixed, improved, or added:

1. The Sales Tables has moved!

Our Sales Table has now moved to the Accounts Module and has its own area ‘Sales View’:

  • Simply click on the ‘Sales View’ tab and this will show your sales targets which you have achieved.
  • Pick Columns, apply Filters to customise and Export data. Select your required fields and interrogate sales information.
  • Add Dynamic Columns to compare sales targets by month and year.
  • View current Accounts.
  • Show your own Data and your business (dependant on permissions).

Sales view in BuddyCRM as at 2019

Adding a dynamic filed to the sales view in BuddyCRM2. Time Stamps

Time stamps are now visible in the Document area of a record card. You can now view exact times and dates next to each document loaded into the system.


timestamps added to document library of BuddyCRM

3. Multiple Actions in Workflows

You can now trigger multiple actions by a single workflow. Multiple Calls, Appointments and Tasks can be raised for different periods within your sales process. Head over to Workflows in the Admin module to give it a go – soon you’ll be automating everything and cutting down on admin time.

4. We’ve squashed a few bugs and continued the work on speed optimisation in this latest update.