Milestone Release 43

August 7, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that the latest milestone release of BuddyCRM has gone live today. The following items were fixed, improved, or added:

1. Product module updated

The Catalogue Area has been revamped making it easier to export your products into a catalogue. This gives you the ability to produce fabulous product presentations for your clients:

  • Export to PDF and Excel formats.
  • Choose what fields you would like to display on the export to give to clients.
  • Choose how many products you want to show per page.

export options when creating a product catalogue in BuddyCRM

2. Linking auto feeds

You can now link auto feeds within the Data Management area.

  • Link Auto feeds by connecting to each CSV column. This means that you can now let Buddy know that two fields are the same within multiple autofeeds, such as Product Code.
  • This enables reports to be built across multiple auto feeds giving even more granular and useful detail.

3. Bug Fixes

We have also fixed various bugs within the release which will enhance the system further.