CRM Software Comparison

There are a lot of CRM software tools out there. It’s a competitive industry – but BuddyCRM was developed because there wasn’t a fully-functional CRM that could be made bespoke to your industry. If you’re doing your research now, you’ll have quite a few options and finding the right one for your business can be time-consuming. So we’ve created this comparison page to help you decide between BuddyCRM, the UK’s best CRM and other CRM alternatives.

Compare CRMs

See how BuddyCRM measures up against other CRM alternatives

copper crm logo

BuddyCRM vs Copper CRM

BuddyCRM has no restrictions on contacts or custom fields for all plans, and you can add features as your business grows.

Pipedrive logo

BuddyCRM vs Pipedrive

A solid competitor that does the basics well but needs extensive paid add-ons to meet BuddyCRM’s features set.

Salesforce logo

BuddyCRM vs Salesforce

Don’t choose a bloated, overblown pig’s ear of a CRM that needs ongoing consultancy just to do its job.

BuddyCRM vs Dynamics365

BuddyCRM vs ZohoCRM

BuddyCRM vs Hubspot

Don’t get tied into features you don’t need and win more deals with less clicking.