BuddyCRM Sales Tip #2 – Do Your Research

It’s worth spending the time to research who the main decision maker/s are at each prospect, whether this is through LinkedIn, web research, or fact-finding calls. It can be time-consuming but it ensures you are getting your message across to the right people.

BuddyCRM user, Audrey Bodman at Outshine Ltd agrees, 

Sometimes, on my first call to a prospect, I don’t even try to get through to the decision maker. Instead, I try and engage the person on the phone, even if quite junior, to help confirm the identities of the people I need to speak to, or fill in any gaps. I then religiously update my BuddyCRM with this data so I have an accurate and full picture of that prospect company.

Proper planning prevents poor performance – salespeople must ensure they make the best use of their time. Sometimes salespeople can convince themselves that any activity is good activity. However, taking the time to ensure your data is correct will result in more effective conversations.

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