Proper planning prevents poor performance

Known as the 5 Ps of success, this little saying is built into the heart of BuddyCRM.

So let’s break it down into the various components and see how BuddyCRM can enable you to live your BestBuddyLife.

Proper: We work with you and your company to devise the proper way to do things with a sales process that will benefit you and your customers and grow more sales.

Planning: Ensure you plan for sales success by setting budgets and targets for the sales team and defining clear strategies on how to achieve those.

Prevents: Prevention is in BuddyCRM’s DNA. All activities connected to an account are available to sales team managers and office employees as required, so they can see what has happened previously and what activities are planned. If a team member leaves, simply reassign their accounts to a new hire and they can pick things up instantly. And that data is backed up securely in the cloud. BuddyCRM helps prevent data loss with our next-level security and data is continuously backed up.

Poor: Set key performance indicators in BuddyCRM, monitor those, and send reports to the team. They’ll know when performance is below defined goals and where they need to perform better. Poor will be a word you can eliminate from your vocabulary when BuddyCRM is on board.

Performance: What is top performance? Define targets and measure individual and team performance in BuddyCRM and monitor your sales pipeline so you know when you hit targets. Use top performers to implement best practice throughout the organisation.

With all this built-in, you’ll be living your #BestBuddyLife with BuddyCRM as your sales companion.

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