BuddyCRM Sales Tip #4 – Link Marketing to Sales

It’s worth ensuring your sales team is aware of any current marketing campaigns so that they can follow up with customers and prospects. A quick email or call to ask whether they have seen the promotion or wish to take advantage of an offer can capitalise on this marketing activity and increase your return on investment.

BuddyCRM lets you track any marketing campaigns and tag these campaigns to individual accounts. The salesperson can see exactly what marketing campaigns have been sent to prospects and can follow up accordingly.

BuddyCRM user Jonathan Cox, Marketing Manager at Tack UK describes how BuddyCRM improved their joined-up approach to sales and marketing.

At TACK UK, we pride ourselves on great communication between our sales and marketing team. Our sales team know that our marketing data and our sales data are the same thing rather than two totally different, out of date silos. Therefore, prospects they are working on can be nurtured with the right type of support from Marketing, in real-time. Also, thanks to the automatic links between BuddyCRM and our email marketing package, my admin in preparing campaign lists has been cut by over 90%.