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How BuddyCRM helped bring sales quoting cohesion and uniformity across the globe to 59club.

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Three things to supercharge your CRM

So you’ve got your CRM system but things don’t seem to be working as well as you hoped. Here are three things you can do supercharge your CRM and get things back on track.

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Join in our virtual event sales masterclass

Join in our new virtual event series, designed to help UK businesses conquer COVID and rebuild revenue for 2021.

BuddyCRM’s Conquering COVID – the sales bounce back series will commence on 3rd December 2020 and is free for delegates to attend.

How can CRM support startup sales?

Establishing strong relationships with clients whilst keeping track of prospects is crucial for any startup to aid business growth. A CRM enables startups to understand and cement relationships with customers, service users, colleagues and suppliers.

Emily Wood - Delivery and Support Executive, BuddyCRM

Meet the team: Emily Wood – Delivery and Support Executive

Emily’s role in the business means she is responsible for ensuring our excellent level of customer support, as well as providing the training, implementation and oversight of new and existing client projects. Find out more about Emily’s role at BuddyCRM.

What features do you need in a CRM?

If you’re looking for customer relationship manager (CRM) software to boost your sales then these are the features you should be looking for. We’ve exhaustedly researched our own customers, read hundreds and hundreds of CRM software reviews, and catalogued sales people’s online requests to produce this list.