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Institute of Directors

The Institute of Directors has used BuddyCRM since 2015 to re-energise their sales team selling professional development training courses to the director community. BuddyCRM’s sales pipeline visibility has enabled management to grasp the scale of sales opportunities.

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Monk Conveyors

Monk conveyors have used BuddyCRM since 2017 to combine their sales activity and client database together into a cohesive whole enabling them to keep their teams at HQ and on the road up-to-date.

BuddyCRM AI Sales Coach features

Introducing the BuddyCRM AI Sales Coach

We are excited to announce the launch of our new AI Sales Coach! This powerful tool is designed to help you improve your sales and marketing efforts by providing you with insights, recommendations, and coaching.

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Ivor King

Ivor King has used BuddyCRM since 2017 to manage their sales team and pipeline. In addition, they gain valuable Business intelligence from the information gathered to guide their strategic direction.

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How to do customer service and support properly

In today’s competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service is essential for success. You can foster customer loyalty and enhance your brand’s reputation by offering prompt and empathetic support, proactively addressing customer needs, and continuously refining your products and services.