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Meet Buddy

We’re taking BuddyCRM on the road this year attending the following Marketing Showcase events: Leicester – Welford Road Stadium, 28th February Cardiff – Cardiff City Stadium, 19th March Manchester – The Etihad Stadium, 2nd April Birmingham – Villa Park, 14th May Newbury- Newbury Racecourse, 15th May Sheffield – Magna, 11th June London – ILEC Conference Centre, […]

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Preparation is the key to a successful sales career. Let BuddyCRM aid you in preparing for your key sales moments - calls, tasks, appointments.

Preparation is the key to sales success

“Time spent in sharpening the axe may well be spared from swinging it.” The Times and Young Men” by Josiah Strong, 1901. A woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.” “Objectives and Philosophy […]

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proper planning prevents poor performance graphic. Get planning with BuddyCRM and start enjoying your #BestBuddyLife

Proper planning prevents poor performance

Known as the 5 Ps of success, this little saying is built into the heart of BuddyCRM. So let’s break it down into the various components and see how BuddyCRM can enable you to live your BestBuddyLife. Proper: We work with you and your company to devise the proper way to do things with a […]

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Your new and improved Buddy

Welcome to the start of something new! BuddyCRM has a brand new look and feel that makes it even simpler for you to manage your business relationships and we’ll be releasing this to all of our customers through May and June 2018. It’s now even easier for you to conduct your most frequent tasks including […]

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the follow up

The Followup

Just occasionally the team at Buddy get to do some reading. We came upon this article recently on billionaires and it turns out around a third of them got their start as sales people. Our results suggest that those starting in a sales role are more likely to become a billionaire. It could be that […]

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Meet the Buddy Team

Interested in finding out more about how a CRM could help your sales team to sell more? The Buddy team regularly exhibit at shows across the UK and are keen to meet you and demonstrate BuddyCRM live. Meet the Buddy team this year at one of the following events in 2017: 7th June —– Sheffield – […]

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Think of your CRM software as the defensive midfielder in your sales team - BuddyCRM

Think of your CRM as a winning defensive midfielder

Think of the CRM in your sales team as the perfect DMF in a football side. Always there for the pass, picking up the loose ball, breaking up attacks and distributing the ball to the players up front. The Defensive Midfielder (DMF) is the beating heart of a football team and the best make their […]

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Will a CRM work in my business? BuddyCRM says yes!

Will a CRM work for my business?

Will a CRM work in my business? This is probably the first question we hear in presentations. Our answer is always "YES!" The cynical reply is "Of course, you'd say that, you're trying to sell me your CRM." But the reality is that a properly implemented CRM with everyone on board and management guiding them will [...]
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Clone your best performing sales person for sales success.

Cloning your sales team’s most successful people

Everyone wants success and your sales people desire success more than most. Sales people were born with ambition in their souls and the desire to go out there and make things happen. But not everyone is born with the innate ability to turn that desire into sales. That’s where tools like BuddyCRM come into play. Using […]

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