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Top Sales Blogs for 2015 and their Top Posts from 2014

We’ve put together a list of some of the blogs from thought leaders and movers and shakers in sales. This is by no means exhaustive but a good place to start and identifies some of the key players you can follow in 2015.

Of course, don’t forget to also check your trade publications for the industry you’re selling in. If you’re selling to the Food industry, then, of course, you should be reading magazines like Grocer – reading up on food news will help you build knowledge of the industry and build rapport with potential buyers. Additionally, be sure to join some of the leading sales groups on LinkedIn, which is full of good information and those looking for advice, just like you.

Here we go.

1: Sales Benchmark Index

About: Sales effectiveness, tips and best practices.

Written by: Executive-level thought leaders at Sales Benchmark Index.

Updated: Daily.

A recent post:

2: Sales Source – Geoffrey James on Inc.

About: Sales, leadership, and innovation tips.

Written by: Geoffrey James, columnist for Inc.com and author of “Business Without the Bullsh*t.”

Updated: Daily.

Favourite recent posts:

3: Make it happen – Keith Rosen

About: Sales, leadership, and innovation tips.

Written by: Keith Rosen, sales trainer and author of “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions”

Updated: Every two weeks.

Top recent posts:

4: Inside Sales Experts – The Bridge Group 

About: Sales best practices for pipeline generation and quota attainment.

Written by: The Bridge Group, an organization of Inside Sales consultants including President & Chief Strategist Trish Bertuzzi.

Updated: Weekly.

Favourite recent posts:

5: J. Barrows Blog

About: Sales tips and best practices.

Written by: Sales trainer and author of app, Sales from the Streets.

Updated: Once a week.

Top 2014 posts:

6: Sales Blog – Jill Konrath 

About: Sales tips and best practices.

Written by: Jill Konrath, sales strategist, speaker and author of ‘SNAP Selling’ and ‘Selling to Big Companies’.

Updated: Weekly.

Favourite recent posts:

7: EDGY Conversations – Dan Waldschmidt

About: a tough love approach to the gritty side of what it takes to achieve outrageous success.

Written by: Dan Waldschmidt, business strategist, speaker and ultra-runner.

Updated: Weekly.

Favourite recent posts:

8: Score More Sales – Lori Richardson

About: Sales coaching blog.

Written by: Lori Richardson, sales strategist and interactive coach.

Updated: Weekly.

Favourite recent posts:

9: the funnelholic – Craig Rosenberg

About: Sales best practices and how-tos.

Written by: Craig Rosenberg, co-founder of TOPO, a research and consulting firm for sales and marketing organisations.

Updated: Every day or two.

Favourite 2014 posts:

10: The Sales Blog – Anthony Iannarino

About: Ideas on success, sales and leadership.

Written by: Anthony Iannarino, president of Solutions staffing and B2B coach.

Updated: Every week.

Favourite recent posts:

11: Partners in Excellence – Dave Brock

About: Insights on a variety of business, sales, marketing, and leadership topics.

Written by: Dave Brock, President at Partners in EXCELLENCE.

Updated: Every few days.

Top recent posts:

12: Predictable Revenue – Aaron Ross

About: Sales news, tips, and case studies.

Written by: Aaron Ross, author of award-winning, bestselling book “Predictable Revenue.”

Updated: Every few weeks.

Favorite recent posts:

13: The Center for Sales Strategy

About: Sales strategy tips and best practices.

Written by: Executive-level thought leaders at the Center for Sales Strategy.

Updated: Daily.

Top 2014 posts:

14: Sales Pro Insider – Nancy Bleeke

About: Sales tips and best practices.

Written by: Nancy Bleeke, founder of Sales Pro Insider.

Updated: Every week or two.

Top recent posts:

15: Smart Calling Blog – Art Sobczak

About: “How-to tips and rants on cold calling, Inside Sales, ALL sales, and more.”

Written by: Art Sobczak, author of “Smart Calling,” named Top Sales Book of 2010.

Updated: Every few days.

Favourite recent posts:

16: The New Sales Coach – Mike Weinberg

About: “blunt, practical new business development and sales management help”

Written by: Mike Weinberg, author of “New Sales Simplifed”, an Amazon best seller.

Updated: Every few days.

Favourite recent posts:

17: The Peak Sales Blog – various

About: Generally list based articles, but with an interesting insight giving they have the outsider view of the industry.

Written by: the staff of Peak Sales Recruiting, a B2B recruitment agency.

Updated: Weekly.

Top recent posts:


Don’t forget to check out the excellent free content on sales and marketing in the Forbes magazine website.

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