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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #4 – Link Marketing to Sales

It’s worth ensuring that your sales team are aware of any current marketing campaigns, so that they can follow up with customers and prospects and capitalise on any activity, thereby increasing your return on investment. BuddyCRM allows you to track any marketing campaigns and tag these campaigns to individual accounts. The sales person can see […]

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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #3 – Spend More Time Selling

BuddyCRM can be easily accessed through the web either on your PC, laptop, or via the app on your tablet computer or smart phone. Your customer records will always be with you no matter where you go. Need to find a customers contact details or full history fast? No problem. Need to view your diary […]

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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #2 – Do Your Research

It’s worth spending the time to research who the main decision maker/s are at each prospect, whether this be through Linkedin, web research or fact finding calls. It can be time consuming but it ensures you are getting your message across to the right people. BuddyCRM user, Audrey Bodman at Outshine Ltd agrees,  Sometimes, on my first […]

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BuddyCRM Sales Tip #1 – Persistence

More calls or emails made equals more appointments equals more sales. It’s a well-known fact in sales that those who persist in pursuing their pipeline and refusing to let leads dry up and go cold will see results. In fact 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. The same research shows […]

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